First Home Buyers

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First Home Buyers

Ritchis Broking Services can help you with commencing your first steps into the property market.

A step by step approach is adopted to ensure you understand every aspect of purchasing your first home.

We utilize our experience to lead you into obtaining your first home with minimum stress.


An investment property can have many benefits to Australians who love their property, However there are many different variables that need to be considered when you decide to make the jump and purchase an investment property such as:

  • Ownership
  • Type of loan
  • Tax
  • and many more.

With our wealth of experience, we can steer you in the right path to maximize the benefits of investment property ownership.

Health Checks

Obtaining loans from lenders is a dynamic process and not a set and forget one as many may think.

  • Lenders are continually bringing out newer products with additional benefits to encourage borrowers to ‘join’ them.
  • Interest rates change regularly as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decides on the cash rate at regular intervals.
  • Lenders source their loan funds from various lenders which affect the interest rates they charge to borrowers.
  • Loans need to be looked at regularly to see if the current loan is still applicable or is there a better one available.

With our panel of lenders we can undertake a health check on your loan to see if it is still right for you

Vehicle & Equipment Financing

There are several methods of financing motor vehicles & equipment.

The main types of financing include:

  • Hire Purchase (HP) loans
  • Chattel mortgages
  • Leasing contracts

Each method has their own advantages and disadvantages, and with our experience we can advise the best alternative for your situation.

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